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beim Online Financial Discipleship Event 2022


Workshops auf Englisch


Brandon Sieben


President & CEO of Compass - finances God's way


Workshop description:

Explore some of Jesus' key parables on money in the book of Luke. Content primarily focused on Luke 12:11-27 and Luke 8:4-15 (with additional scripture to reinforce). Target group and benefit is anyone who wants to learn what it really means to be a financial disciple, according to Jesus, and how we can get in the best position to hear "well done" the day we meet Him.

The fruit of the Spirit in Business

Wouter Droppers

president of Europartners

Wouter Droppers-socials.jpg

Workshop description:


Many Christian entrepreneurs and business leaders know about the Holy Spirit and the fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5 : 22–23, ‘The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control’. But also, many do not have a clue how to live and practise this in business.

Wouter Droppers, president of Europartners, will guide you in this exploration and discovery about the fruit of the spirit in Business. How does it work and what does it look like?


These are interactive webinars where we will open the floor for all your questions and challenges as a Christian in business. We will harvest the practical experiences of all participants and the insights of the scripture for our business. 


Start: Saturday 12 February, 15.30h – 16.30h (CET) at the Compass Online Financial Discipleship Event 2022.

Theme: How to live a Spirit filled business life and being guided by Jesus Himself?


Next follow-up sessions:

  • Love in business(1 March)

  • Goodness in business(5 April)

  • Forgiveness in business(3 May)

  • Faith in business(7 June)

  • Peace in business(5 July)


Every first Tuesday of the Month, 19.00h – 20.30h (CET-time) by Zoom


Zsolt Szalai

Having the doctor’s degree in finance, has spent the last three decades in mid and upper management roles in banking, private equity, not-for-profit organisations and Christian churches. Currently he is self-employed as business consultant. He is Head of the Board of Elders of Szentendre Reformed Church, Chairman of Christian Businessmen Association, Board Member of Compass Europe and leader of the Leadership Workshop of the Hungarian Evangelical Forum. During his carrier Zsolt gained wide range of experience in corporate finance, capital markets, project finance, innovation management and business development areas.


Workshop description:


Businesses activity without trust is hardly sustainable. It is foundational internally with employees, within management team and towards owners as well as externally with suppliers, customers, debtors, financing partners and societal relationships. Trust is a real capital of a business on which one can build an entire business plan. The lack of trust however can limit the development of a business and can result in decline/closing if not turned around. On this workshop we will discuss how biblical stewardship can result in sound financial decisions that can help a business to invest in the capital of trust in order to thrive the business.

Workshops auf Französisch

Anchor 1

La crise - que faire?


président de la coopérative Alliance-CH en Suisse

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Workshop description:


Une crise sans précédent est devant nous. Une majorité de gens se rend compte que l'économie mondiale est en grand danger et avec elle nos biens. Ce workshop vous informera comment mettre à l'abri ses biens dans les valeurs véritables et même éternelles, afin de traverser la crise et de pouvoir jouer un rôle de refuge dans un monde à la dérive.


Samuel Troilo

Enseignant Compass Suisse, région Lausanne et Nord Vaudois. 10 ans d’expérience dans la gestion de projets, l’enseignement et la finance. Trois domaines de compétences complémentaires pour vous servir.

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